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Some random data yesterday.

19 August. Croydon. Following the success of the recent collaboration between F1 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to work out the fastest F1 driver of the last forty years, a low-level academic has now predicted who will be the 2020 F1 World Champion.

F1 and AWS spent a whole year crunching data to see who was the fastest F1 driver since 1983, only to come up with the answer your average five year old already knew, with it being Ayrton Senna.

Now, a Professor Arthur Smegworthy, Head of the Faculty Of The Bloody Obvious at Croydon Polytechnic, has now revealed he knows who will win the 2020 title.

Said Professor Of The Bloody Obvious this morning:

By not using a complex series of algorithms or learning machines, we worked out that having won four of the first six Grands Prix and already having a whopping 43 point lead over his teammate, that Lewis Hamilton will end up champion

He added:

We are proud that whereas it took the might of F1 and AWS a year to come up with a bloody obvious answer, that myself and a couple of students worked out our conundrum in about half an hour. We remain available to F1 if they need any more bloody obvious things worked out for them