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Alternatively, just put your foot down son.

14 July. Woking. Following his sensational last lap charges at the Austrian and Styrian Grands Prix, McLaren strategists have come up with a new plan for Lando Norris.

After tooling around virtually unnoticed for both races, Lando leaps into life when his race engineer checks to see if he is awake, by telling him there is just a couple of laps left.

He also throws a long list of instructions at his driver, along the lines of ‘Scenario Six, setting G5 out of turn four for five seconds!‘ to make sure his boy does not nod off again.

This produced a maiden podium, a fastest lap and a fifth place finish at the two rounds.

A McLaren insider said today:

They have¬†worked out, that if Lando drove like this from the start, he’d be looking at a win pretty soon. Frankly, the team are that desperate for a victory they’d try anything, so the plan is to tell him the race is nearly over sometime around lap five

The hope is, that by doing this early on and then for every few laps thereafter, the boy wonder won’t notice he is being conned as he’ll be too busy overtaking anybody in his path.

‘Last lap Lando’ does the business.