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Fan favourite set for Budapest appearance?

14 July. Budapest. Following a trial run at the Styrian Grand Prix, F1 bosses are set to push ahead with improvements on using robots to deliver the trophies.

In Austria, the robots actually appeared to be a large box, powered by a small child hidden inside. As the F1 paddock is now more germ free than a hospital operating theatre, there really is no need for the robots but F1 being what it is, it feels the need to over-complicate things.

Reports from Budapest say that while celebrities can no longer hog a bit of podium glory, the robots will continue and that celebrity robots will tick all the boxes.

A source told this website:

The possibilities here are endless, there are so many famous robots either out of work or struggling right now, that they’ll be queuing up for the gig. Apparently, lined up for the next few races we have C-3PO, Bender out of Futurama and even that stupid K9 out of Doctor Who, who has had nothing to do since the late 1970’s

Coming soon to a podium near you…