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Fernando back for another crack in 2021?

08 July. Following the news that Renault decided not to rehire Jolyon Palmer but to take Fernando Alonso instead, details of the deal are slowly coming to light.

Reports suggest that as a back up plan to keep Alonso onboard when he inevitably has a hissy fit, Renault are planning an entry for him for the 2021 Indianapolis 500.

A source close to the team told this website:

Everybody and his dog knows that it is only a matter of time before Alonso has a mega strop on and starts throwing his toys out of the pram, so the team are preparing for that scenario

“Let’s face it, they couldn’t keep Daniel Ricciardo, the most cheerful man in motorsport, happy for more than five minutes, so with Alonso they have no chance of avoiding a fall out

He went on:

The reasoning seems to be, that unless he wins at Indy this year, he’ll no doubt still be banging on about the triple crown, so having a car ready for him to go to Indy makes sense and will hopefully stop him walking out the door when he realises that winning anything with Renault in F1 just isn’t going to happen“.

We called Renault for a comment and were told ‘not to be so stupid’ before the telephone was slammed down.