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The Mercedes W11 in action earlier today.

26 February. Barcelona. Following on from last weeks impressive debut of their new Dual Axis Steering (DAS) system, Mercedes today stunned their rivals again as week two of winter testing got underway.

It appears that Mercedes have come up with a device that can render the W11 temporarily invisible at the flick of a switch.

As with DAS, this latest innovation was spotted by fans, who actually enjoy watching testing and instantly shared on social media.

Said one fan, a Mr Malcolm Bobble-Hat:

We noticed that while the track appeared to be empty, Mercedes were still posting some impressive times and we can only assume they have managed to come up with a variation of a Klingon Cloaking Device, we like to call it a KCD

Mercedes introduce their latest technical signing to the media.

Mercedes later confirmed the existence of the device when they introduced new engineering hire, Worf, son of Mogh, at their lunchtime press briefing.

While the KCD does not positively influence outright speed, it is expected to make overtaking of the car rather more difficult than it already is.

Like DAS, it is expected that KCD will eventually be banned, though as most expect Mercedes to have wrapped up the championship before the summer break, very few people seem to care anymore.

KCD in action as Lewis Hamilton enters the pitlane.