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Ferrari promise to save Lewis from scenes like this.

4 December. Ferrari are planning to appeal to Lewis Hamilton to join them for 2021, by offering something Mercedes cannot; years of unremitting failure and disappointment.

Scuderia chiefs are said to believe that having won more than he could have ever imagined with Mercedes, that a spell of being constantly let down might be a nice change for him.

Our source in Maranello told us this morning:

Ferrari know that they need to think out of the box and offer Hamilton something no other front running team can. They know they can go into 2021 with what will no doubt be a great car but that they are able to find many new and interesting ways to balls it all up

He went on:

They have used this strategy with success with other multiple F1 champions in the past, most notably Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. They wait until they have hoovered up titles elsewhere and then in the autumn of their careers they snap them up with promises of big money and none of that boring success

To this end, Ferrari are also rumoured to be making a bid for Max Verstappen, for the 2035 season, which is when they anticipate he may be on the slide and ready to end his career in a red car, sat smoking at the edge of a track somewhere.