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How the 2021 McLaren might look.

25 October. London. Following on from Lewis Hamilton suggesting we all adopt a plant-based diet to make him feel better about being a globe trotting F1 driver, British vegan group, the Farm Animal Research Team (FART) have come up with a solution to make the sport more environmentally friendly.

FART spokesperson, Tarquin Hemp-Trousers, exclusively told this website of their plans to lobby Ross Brawn and other F1 rule makers on how everything from paddock motorhomes to the cars themselves can be sourced from plants, saving animal lives and making Lewis feel a bit happier again:

FART scientists have come up with a carrot and lentil mix that when dried is as strong as carbon fibre, lightweight and it will constitute one of your five-a-day

He droned on:

Cars, motorhomes, paddock buildings, you name it, can be made from this stuff, everything will be bland and lacking any taste but we’ll be saving the planet and more importantly easing Lewis’s conscience and at the end of the day that is all that matters

We contacted Ross Brawn’s office and are awaiting a response.