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Keep calm, IT’S RACE WEEK!

21 October. Mexico. A major falling out between the team social media departments in the F1 paddock has today been avoided following an emergency meeting.

It transpired that early on Monday morning, one of the team tweeters had decided to break a long held team agreement and post something other than “IT’S RACE WEEK!”.

The threat of this threw the other nine teams into a massive panic as they realised that they had absolutely nothing else to say other than “IT’S RACE WEEK!”

A paddock insider told Grand Prix Diary this morning:

The thought of not being able to simply tweet ‘IT’S RACE WEEK!’ for the eighteenth time this year was simply too much to cope with and having to come up with something different for a change was not likely to be possible”.

The situation was however avoided following a meeting of all the team PR types, when it was found that even the rogue tweeter, believed to be from Mercedes, also did not have anything else new to say after all, meaning Monday morning tweets during ‘RACE WEEK!’ would be the same as they always are.


Yes, we know already…