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Mythical fizzy pop boss up for prestigeous prize.

04 October. London. According to reports, Rich Energy, makers of the elusive energy drink of the same name, could be up for one of the UK’s top marketing awards.

The #Premium #British #Performance #Energy #Business #Helicopter #BetterThanRedBull #Random #Hashtag company are set to pick up the top ‘Prize for Innovation’ at the British Marketing Board awards bash, due to be held at the Croydon Travelodge in December.

Industry insider, Crispin Silk, told us this morning:

Their marketing strategy, while appearing to be the work of an attention seeking ten year old, is actually genius

They announce themselves as an F1 sponsor, proceed to then fall out with their team on Twitter, fall back in love with them and promptly fall out with themselves (and everybody else) while at the same time promoting a product that nobody can actually find

He went on:

Companies pay millions for this sort of exposure, so to achieve this sort of coverage from a Twitter account run from a bedsit in Richmond is really something else

Arguing with people on Twitter. Top strategy.