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Not London this morning

10 JULY. Silverstone. A press conference has been called today for 14:00 at Silverstone Circuit, as the track and F1 owners Liberty Media, appear to have finally come to an agreement over the future of the British Grand Prix.

The sticking point for renewing the race has been that Liberty Media want a fee in the range of a squillion dollars but the BRDC have only got around 35p.

There is nowhere remotely realistic as an alternative venue in the UK and binning the race would go down like a dodgy burger with fans so a stalemate was soon reached.

The one place Liberty thought might do as a place for the race was London but when they found out that none of the pretty parts of the capital could ever be used and they’d have to have somewhere dreadful like Croydon, an answer was found.

Said our correspondent this morning:

It is a simple yet effective way out of the impasse. The British Grand Prix will get a new five year deal but will be renamed the London Grand Prix“.

He went on:

Look, if they can call Luton Aiport a London airport then this can be a London circuit. F1 also got away with once calling the Azerbaijan Grand Prix a European Grand Prix so clearly, geography means nothing to these people. Everybody is happy. Job done!