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Outrageous behaviour

10 JUN. Rumours from Paris today suggest that the Renault F1 team are set to protest the result of the 1979 French Grand Prix.

Renault driver, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, won the race but the team feel there are grounds to give Gilles Villeneuve of Ferrari, who finished second, a five second penalty, for exceeding track limits, thus promoting their other driver, René Arnoux, from third to give them a one-two finish.

Our source told us:

It has long been a given, that penalties and punishments in F1 can be dished out retrospectively on examination of video evidence and in this instance Villeneuve repeatedly leaves the track and re-enters in a manner that could be seen as a bit dangerous“.

He went on:

Following from Sebastian Vettel being robbed of victory at yesterdays Canadian Grand Prix for a far less serious infringement, it appears that the Regie are apparently thinking of referring the matter to the stewards of the meeting, provided they can find any“.

We telephoned the Maranello press office for a comment but all we could hear on the line was the sound of somebody softly weeping.