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Well they did say they’d bring a raft of updates…

o5 JUN. Montreal. In an attempt to liven up an F1 season that looks done and dusted after just six races, the FIA are said to have come up with plans to increase point scoring chances for the teams.

First of these is to be the traditional F1 mechanics raft race, held on the Olympic Rowing lake behind the paddock at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The race, which took place throughout the 1990’s and was resurrected in 2017, will now see points awarded on the usual F1 scale.

Said our source this morning:

Clearly, Mercedes have the drivers and constructors titles in the bag already, so organisers thought they would find ways for other teams to at least get on the scoreboard, and the raft race will be the first event where that can happen“.

He went on:

The teams will all have identical rafts, meaning they all start on a level playing field, if you can do that on a raft, so anybody could take victory, I mean for pete’s sake, even McLaren won it the other year“.

Rumours from Montreal are suggesting that the Williams team won’t opt for the raft but will instead chuck their FW42’s in the lake, which frankly, is probably the best place for them.