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Obligatory Monaco with boats shot

27 MAY. As is our way, we don’t want to over burden you with lots of words about a race you’ve only just watched, so here is your essential guide to the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix in just six sentences:

1 – Once again, Ferrari managed to balls things up by not realising Charles Leclerc probably needed to be out on track for qualifying, rather than sat in the garage.

2 – Lewis Hamilton did his usual thing, dashing off out front but pre-blaming his team for a dodgy tyre strategy just in case they might lose the race. As if.

3 – Max Verstappen decided to recreate the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix, tooling around, lap after lap, behind the leader but with about as much chance of passing him as holidaying on the Moon.

4 – Two marshals, presumably bored senseless, flung themselves in front of Sergio Perez in his Racing Point car.

5 – Ferrari decided they’d actually like to win a trophy, so chose not to find some bizarre way to screw up Sebastian Vettel’s race.

6 – Er..that was about it.

Next up Canada. Mercedes have already ordered a new trophy cabinet while Ferrari are working out how to best screw things up again. Flying the team to Toronto instead of Montreal would do it.