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A warm welcome awaits

29 MAR. We usually try to keep things humorous here (with mixed results it has to be said) but every now and then a bit of seriousness is called for.

If you have not read it already, then please read this article from The Guardian.

It is about Najah Yusuf, a mother of four, in a Bahrain jail for protesting about the regime and of the presence of F1 in the country.

Now, if we are going to get all high and mighty about this sort of thing, then maybe we should highlight some of the other unsavoury governments that F1 would seem to approve of by giving them the global platform of a Grand Prix.

But this one is different.

This woman is suffering torture in prison for protesting about F1 being in the country and so by extension, condoning the regime.

And what has F1 decided to do about it? Very little, if anything, it would appear.

You could well say that we should not watch the race as a form of protest but that will achieve absolutely nothing.

If, like me, you subscribe to Sky for your F1 fix, then you have already given money to one of the biggest individual sponsors of the sport and by doing so you fund the business of F1 and the choices it makes.

If you only do one thing, read her story, share it if you choose to and just hope, that somebody with influence at the top of the sport discovers a conscience some time soon.