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Better bet on the Pokémon

27 MAR. A quick look at the betting odds for the Bahrain Grand Prix confirms what most knew already, that betting on the outcome of an F1 race is, as Williams 2019 season is looking to be, utterly pointless.

For five years now, no team other than Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull has won a Grand Prix, in fact, any of the other teams even getting on the podium has been rarer than hen’s teeth.

Betting on the top three to win gives so little return, it really isn’t worth it, while setting fire to your money would make more sense than betting on anybody else.

The best (if you can call it that) bet for a non-top three-team win in Bahrain is Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo at 150/1.

Next is Kevin Magnussen at Haas on 300/1, while everybody else is at 500/1.

So, forget F1 then, who or what is more likely to get you a return on your stake?

  • Pokémon: Detective Pikachu to win best film at the next Oscars – 100/1
  • Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May to appear on Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – 100/1
  • Olivia Colman to be the next James Bond – 100/1
  • The next Pope to be named after Damien from ‘The Omen’ – 66/1
  • Donald Trump to outlaw the theory of evolution – 50/1

Best of luck…

(Odds from Paddy Power).