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Please make it stop…

25 MAR. Following yet another unprovoked and pointless go at an F1 driver, this time his target being Robert Kubica, the F1 paddock have offered to sponsor Jacques Villeneuve to shut the fuck up.

Having had a dig at anybody who popped into his head deemed not to be as good as him, Jacques has now launched a quite extraordinary attack on Kubica.

In an interview with Dutch website, Jacques started off by saying that Kubica’s miracle return to the sport was a “great achievement” before he suddenly realised he was being positive about somebody.

Reverting to form, Jacques added:

“I think it’s terrible. This is not good for the sport if anyone with a disability can participate.”

“Formula 1 must be tough, must be difficult and almost unreachable. Robert’s return is not the right message.”

An F1 insider said:

It was fine when he was constantly on Lance Stroll’s case, nobody really cared much about that but having a go at Kubica is not on, it has to stop.

The plan for the sponsored silence appears to have the backing of everybody in F1.

The aim is to convince Villeneuve that a sponsored silence, with all proceeds going to unwell donkeys or some such worthy cause, will generate a lot of publicity for him, meaning he doesn’t have to spout a load of bollocks to get himself noticed.

We asked the former F1 star for a comment but he was said to be too busy, working out who to slag off next, to reply.