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Stop having fun right now!

22 MAR. Following an attempt by this website to lighten the general mood of glumness, we yesterday posted what we thought was a funny story but have been told that the sport is no place for humour and to stop it right away.

The story in question, a daft, obviously completely made up tale of how Lewis Hamilton upset Donald Trump has been read to date by over 6,000 people, yet only one person took issue with it.

However, that one person is a ‘Self-Important Man In F1’, so he is not to be ignored.

‘Self-Important Man In F1’ told us:

You are not funny and should not even try to be and in any case, F1 is NOT a place for fun or any attempt at humour

‘Self-Important Man In F1’ added, in a rather pompous tone:

People into F1 are only interested in things like tyre compounds, monkey seats, how efficient hybrid engines are and of course, in anything I have to say on such matters.”

Grand Prix Diary humbly apologises to ‘Self-Important Man In F1’ and promises to not do it again.