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Like James Hunt before him, Valtteri Bottas likes to have his oats for breakfast

21 MAR. HELSINKI. Not only did he win the Australian Grand Prix in some style last Sunday but reports from his native Finland suggest Valtteri Bottas has single-handedly saved the countries porridge industry.

The bland breakfast offering, has been in steady decline in Finland, since the United Kingdom, once the countries biggest importer of Finnish porridge, voted to leave the European Union. Uncertainty over export tariffs and no clear message from the UK Government as to how Brexit would affect the cost of breakfast goods, hit sales hard.

Finns are certainly on the up for porridge

However, according to Finland’s spokesman for porridge, Jurku Bj√∂rklund, as soon as Bottas told podium interviewer Mark Webber, that the win was down to eating porridge, sales went through the roof and have continued on an upward trend.

Björklund added:

The country can only pray that Melbourne was not a one-off for Valtteri and that he can win again next time out in Bahrain and continue to spread the good word on what is otherwise a pretty dull meal.”

Finland yesterday