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If I don’t look at the timing screens, it feels SO much better…

17 MAR. Following a frankly embarrassing performance in the season opening Australian Grand Prix, sources close to Ferrari say they have decided to give up on the year earlier than usual, and will instead focus on 2020.

Usually, the Scuderia do their utmost until around June, before finding a way to throw away the season.

After finishing a minute behind Mercedes winner, Valtteri Bottas and around 20 seconds behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, team bosses reckon enough is enough.

Our source said:

Having looked fast in winter testing, Ferrari actually believed they could get one over on Mercedes, unfortunately, they did not realise that as usual, their rivals were pretending to be a bit rubbish“.

Being comprehensively beaten by Mercedes is no biggie, they’ve been used to that happening for years, but being caned by a Honda, a bloody Honda for God’s sake, well, that is not on

He added:

There seems no point in waiting until the summer to bugger things up, now is the perfect moment to call time on the 2019 season and the team will now instead concentrate on how and when to flush it all down the khazi again in 2020

When Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal, Mattia Binotto, stops crying, we’ll ask him for a comment.