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Oh Lordy

14 MAR. Daniel Ricciardo’s 2019 F1 campaign may have hit an early setback as reports from Australia say his new helmet may be breaking the rules.

On Thursday in Melbourne, Daniel revealed a Barbie pink, lime green and blue paint job for his 2019 noggin protector, designed by an artist known as Ornamental Conifer.


On the side of the helmet Ricciardo has the emblem ‘‘Stop Being Them’.

Who ‘Them’ is has not yet been explained, though we assume it is anybody associated with sickly energy drinks.

Pass me a bucket…

However, F1 officials have indicated that the helmet may fall foul of FIA directive 4:1 sub section 24, which states that:

No car livery, overall or helmet design, is allowed that may induce a migraine in any viewer‘.

The rule is similar to that one you get on the news, about the warning of flashing lights that may set off an epileptic, though this headache and vomit inducing one is far rarer.

We asked Mr Conifer for a comment but at the time of writing we have yet to receive a reply.




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