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Points deduction to add to the fun?

08 MAR. Following on from the news that the FIA are, for reasons nobody is entirely sure of, set to award a point for the fastest lap in an F1 race, we have learned that further changes are possibly in the pipeline.

Our source in the paddock told us today, that the top brass think that randomly deducting points was an option for 2019.

He explained:

The points scoring system is so predictable, so the FIA see the need to spice up the show and have come up with a raft of points deductions to lob at the drivers

A draft document seen by this writer hints that point deductions will be made as much for off-track infractions as on.

We understand examples on the table include any driver referring to his car as ‘an office’ could face a five point hit while using ‘for sure’ to start an answer to a question would earn him a two point loss and a grid drop at the next race.

Our contact added:

Just imagine, a nail-biting, final race of the season title shoot-out could be decided by one careless use of ‘for sure’ or for a driver completely failing to understand that a hybrid F1 car is not the same thing as an office, it is a thrilling prospect!