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Silverstone yesterday

06 MAR. The fabled London Grand Prix, a tale which comes up whenever the Daily Mail sport department is short of a story, is finally going to happen.

The cost, logistics and lack of political will, have long meant that an F1 race in the capital was always going to be about as likely as Fernando Alonso racing a unicorn in the Grand National (in fact, that scenario was more probable) until today.

F1 bosses, having seen that Formula E is soon to be ‘racing’ in London, when in fact it will be whining annoyingly around a car park somewhere near Basildon, have come up with a similar solution.

The scene of the London Formula E race. Not.

Our source told us:

Look, if Formula E PR types can say they have a race in London, complete with pictures and videos of Big Ben and Tower Bridge, then so can we, and to that end we propose to hold the London Grand Prix, 80 miles up the road in Silverstone

He added:

It’s a win-win, Silverstone will hang on to their Grand Prix, at least until they get threatened with losing it again in about five minutes time and once we ‘London it up’ a bit, we can flog it to clueless American tourists who wouldn’t know London if they tripped over it. Result!“.

How Silverstone marshals might look for the London Grand Prix.