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Don’t ask me mate, not a clue what it is…

05 MAR. Shortly after the Mission Winnow moniker was dropped from the Ferrari team name on the FIA 2019 entry list, it seems that the branding on the cars will also be binned, at least for the Australian Grand Prix.

The official reason is believed to be that as Mission Winnow is the brainchild of fag flogger, Phillip Morris, it could be seen as potential advertising for them, which is a bit of a no-no these days.

However, our paddock source told us today that the reason it has been sidelined is far more simple. People are just too dim to get it.

Apparently, recent research by focus groups has discovered that as hard as they try to explain it, nobody has the foggiest idea what Mission Winnow is about, so even if it was subliminal advertising it is pointless, as people could end up buying all manner of products by mistake“.

Two Winnowers working hard at a bit of Winnowing…

He went on:

The Mission Winnow Twitter account is not much help in explaining what it is all about, in fact you’d probably get more sense out of a half-cut Buddhist monk attempting to explain nuclear fusion“.

Well, that’s all clear then…






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