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Enough of the fluffy animals already

28 FEB. Panic broke out at several F1 teams this morning, as a rumour circulated the Barcelona paddock that the FIA has finally had enough of the love-in that has been going on between various PR departments.

The authorities are apparently concerned that instead of there being a bit of edge and tension between some of the squads, that they are more keen on finding the cutest GIF of a cat falling off a sofa or a puppy barking at itself in a mirror, as a response to another teams tweet.

Said a source nothing to do with the FIA: “Tweeting fluffy animals at each other was fine to begin with but it has gone too far now. It is getting ridiculous, while their drivers are out on track, beating seven bells out of each other, team tweeters are busy finding a cute animal GIF to send to the garage next door.”

He went on: “Thankfully, not all of the teams do this, Ferrari notably do not but we think this is mainly because they don’t like anybody else but some of the others really need to get a grip and man up a bit.”

Quite how the FIA would police any rule brought in remains to be seen but many observers hope the practice will be stamped out before the teams arrive in Australia.

No place for cute animals in F1 say FIA.