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The devil incarnate. Apparently.

25 FEB. News that Sky F1 are to drop the subscription fee for their F1 coverage down to just £10 a month, was met with fury by some permanently unhappy people on social media this morning.

While Sky may have thought the move, along with bringing Jenson Button onboard and not sacking Ted Kravitz, would go down well, it actually had the opposite effect with some disgruntled fans.

Reginald Spacker of the pressure group ‘Keep F1 and for that matter absolutely everything else free of charge’ told us this morning:

“I ain’t giving a penny to that Murdoch bloke and even though I’ve watched F1 forever like, I ain’t paying nothing for it, so he can shove it up his Aussie jacksie’

When asked why he hated Rupert Murdoch, Spacker was unable to give any justification other than ‘He looks a bit like Mr Burns out of The Simpsons’.

When we suggested to him, that for something clearly so expensive to produce, ten pounds a month was not much to ask for, Spacker pointed out that you needed to have Sky TV before you could get the offer. When asked if he did have Sky he replied:

“Course I got bloody Sky, I ain’t no bleedin’ cave dweller, how do you think I watch all me other Sky programmes?”