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Don’t they look rubbery?

18 FEB. Barcelona. There was much anticipation today ahead of the first F1 test of the 2019 season, as fans and journalists alike eagerly awaited to see the much hyped changes to the cars.

Unfortunately, with the exception of Haas and their retro-JPS livery, pretty much every car looked like it did last year and only technical experts and utterly obsessive bobble hats would notice anything new on the design front.

So it was with much relief, that Pirelli came up with THE major talking point of the day, the fact that they have made some shiny tyres.

They don’t actually do anything special, they just look nice, as Pirelli’s racing manager, Mario Isola, said to “It is something that out of the pit lane will not change anything. What could happen is that if the drivers fit a new set of tyres and they run slow laps, just because of the camber, they don’t use the external side. So when they are back in the pit you will see the external side is still shining but that is it.”

A source in the paddock explained to us: “Look, you can fanny around with the aero design and fiddle with the rules as much as you like, nothing is going to change the fact that the same teams will do all the winning, so they thought hey, why just not make the cars more shiny and nice to look at, so this is a good start in that direction by Pirelli”.