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Some money yesterday.

28 JAN. News coming out from America via Twitter (which therefore means it must be true) has suggested that F1 owners, Liberty are looking to bail out of the sport.

According to the JohnWallStreet website (no, we’ve never heard of them either), Liberty, having failed to add any new races, attract much in the way of sponsors and finding that getting the teams to agree even on what day of the week it is, may be ready to chuck the towel in.

Furthermore the article suggests that former owner, Bernie Ecclestone (101) may be buying it back at a knockdown price on the $8 billion he flogged it for just three years ago.

A source not remotely close to Liberty, didn’t tell us this morning: “Chase Cary and his mates at Liberty are apparently beginning to think that buying F1 was maybe not such a great idea. Organising new races is a nightmare, they couldn’t even get one done in Miami and all they have on the horizon is some pipe-dream of a Grand Prix in Vietnam or somewhere”.

He went on: “Most of the teams are still in suicide mode, completely averse to anything for the good of the sport, while with it being on pay telly pretty much everywhere, you’ll be able to fit the 2019 viewers in the back of a London cab”.

Apparently, Liberty still have the receipt and approached Mr Ecclestone for a refund. They are hoping that when he stops laughing all the way to the bank, they’ll get a sympathetic response.

NB: It transpires that the Liberty the article refers to is Liberty Global, who don’t actually own F1, not Liberty Media, who do own it, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story?