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Racing Pointless

15 JAN. After in-depth research, the Racing Point F1 Team or the Racing Point Force India F1 Team or whatever on earth it is they are now called, have made a disappointing discovery.

In December 2018 the FIA released the 2019 Formula One World Championship entry list, showing that Racing Point intended to drop the Force India moniker and would become the Racing Point F1 Team.

Clearly, ‘Racing Point’ is a daft name for an F1 team and so it was assumed this would be a holding name, until they could come up with something half decent.

Sadly, after months of looking into it, the team have discovered that all the good names have already been used and that unless somebody is struck by something more inspiring, they are stuck with what they have.

A source not very close to the team said to us: “We’ve looked everywhere for a name better than Racing Point, which frankly, is about as dull as it gets and actually doesn’t seem to mean anything. ‘Racing for Points’ would make more sense but is still rubbish”.

He went on: “We did think about resurrecting the Lotus name but that one has been done to death, then we came close to going for Brabham but somebody else is about to go racing with that one, so back to the drawing board it is”.

There are hopes that when the team launch their 2019 car, that a better compromise will have been found and also that they may finally get shot of that hideous pink paint job.