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Maybe I can get in via the sunroof?

01 DEC. After reviewing his Instagram and Twitter posts for the year, some medical experts believe the star driver may have ‘Entamaphobia’, otherwise known as a fear of doors.

The symptoms started to manifest themselves late last year, when members of his entourage began to notice that he would no longer get into his Pagani Zonda, instead climbing onto the roof.

There he would sit, for some hours, staring thoughtfully into the distance, until he either clambered back down or one of his people would drive him to the shops. Very slowly.

Things took a turn for the worse, when as he was due to fly back from visiting a Kardashian in America, he scurried up on to the roof of his private jet and refused to come back down.

No Lewis, you can’t sit up there.

Obviously, (although it was considered), flying him home like that wasn’t really an option and it took the pilot some time to tempt him back down, with a trail of white truffle pizza slices, leading into the cabin.

The experts say there is little to worry about, suggesting that many years of driving open topped cars is the cause and that some therapy, such as a year in touring cars, should provide a cure.

I’m so sad, oh, how I wish I could get in….